Arbeitgemeinschaft (AG) Resohelp des Diakonischen Werks, Stadtverband Hannover e.V.


Inclusive governance?
More than half of Resohelp's funding is provided by the Federal State of Lower Saxony. It is this fact, along with the good, long-standing working partnership mentioned above, which ensures the continual dialog between the state government and the beneficiaries of Resohelp.

Influence on local / national decision makers
See above.

Partnership work involved
Resohelp has been established as a Working Partnership (AG) consisting of following partners: the Diakonisches Werk – Local Committee Hannover e. V., the Caritas Association of Hannover e. V., the City of Hannover, Department of Social Affairs, the Prisoner Welfare Association of Hannover, the Head of the Correctional Facility of the City of Hannover, the Catholic Church Office of the Correctional Facility of the City of Hannover, the Association of City Churches of Hannover, and the Job Center of Hannover Region.
It is these members along with the Federal State of Lower Saxony (Ministry of Justice) and the Hannover Region who provide the necessary funding to run the Working Partnership Resohelp.

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