Hannoversche Werkstätten gem. GmbH


Would this programme work well in another European context?
The programm is likely to be well-suited for transfer to another European context.

Communication of experience and success to the public
At the website of Hannoversche Werkstätten, there is a special section intended for press and media. At the section experience is shared with the public, new developments are announced and success stories are particularly highlighted. Furthermore, the radio station owned by Hannoversche Werkstätten features a programme made by their employees.

Communication with local/national decision makers 
As a publicly-owned undertaking, there is ongoing communication with the public authorities, both at local and at national level.

Elements that would transfer particularly well to other contexts
Hannoversche Werkstätte's quality management system has been certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Thus, operational procedures within all ranges of work are assured to correspond to internationally recognized standards.