Green Bridge


D1 - Please describe how the GP communicated its experience and success to the public
The project is in a progressive stage; currently, only awareness-raising activities are carried out (via Internet, Workshops, Printed Material, etc.). At the 2nd stage, a Conference will be held, a Mass Media Campaign will be organized, Press Conferences will be delivered, an Experts' Forum will be established and a Mobile Animation-Communication Unit will be put in use.

D2 - Please describe how the GP communicated with local or national decision makers?
The communication is (or will) be carried out through Workshops, Networking, Experts' Forum for Strategy-Policy Making proposals

D3 - Are there any elements of this project that you think would transfer particularly well to other contexts?
The overall methodology and the generic outcomes will be easily adjustable and trasferable to other economic sectors and to other regions.

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