Agency for the sustainability of social enterprises


C1 - Is the governance of this GP fully inclusive?
Beneficiaries are highly involved in governance
Comments and learning points
Governance envisages the involvement of beneficiary representatives or of their representative association.

C2 - How influential has this GP been on local or national decision makers?
A little influence achieved
Comments and learning points
The Agency has moved in two directions:

  1. Awareness-raising and promotion to encourage meetings between social enterprises and public administrations (e.g. local councils, health authorities).
  2. Setting up informative seminars on the new regional regulations governing social cooperatives in a bid to attract social entrepreneurs and public administration employees and to provide them with an overview of the laws that clarify these regulations.

C3 - How much partnership work has been involved?
A great deal of cross sectoral partnership working
Comments and learning points
Nine partners are involved in the GP: Irecoop Veneto - Istituto Regionale per l'Educazione e Studi Cooperativi, Bassano del Grappa Health Authority (ULSS 3), Vicenza Health Authority (ULSS 6), Veneto Orientale Health Authority (ULSS 10), Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Veneziano, Confcooperative - Unione Regionale del Veneto, Emme&Erre S.p.A., Unioncamere Veneto, and the Department of Economics at the University of Padova.

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