E1a - Total annual income of GP 2011/12
€ 13.000.000

E1b - How is this made up?
The activity is carried out by 70% with the public sector and by 30% with the private sector.

E1c - Details of human resources
Of the 30 members at the beginning, 10 members are still in the social structure.
The Cooperative Azalea has 651 members divided into: 456 ordinary members, 84 with a VAT number, 111 volunteer members. Among the partners there are 140 coming from different countries, everyone maintaining good relationships with the others.

E1d - Details of technology
None to date

E1e - Details of financial investment for start-up/early stage
None to date

E1f - Details of external support
None to date

E2 - If public funding were withdrawn, could the GP continue to exist?
The liquidity for the cooperative has never been a problem; still, in 2012 a part of the allowance has been used to cover some losses and it is expected that in 2013, if the public authority does not pay regularly, the cooperative may have difficulties in liquidity. In effect the important relationship with the public sector could be a problem if public funding were withdrawn.

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