Consortium In Concert


E1a - Total annual income of GP 2011/12
€ 50.000.000

E1b - How is this made up?
Being a social enterprise, the GP has public funding for its acivity but the enterpreneurial assect of the cooperatives gives to the consortium the possibility to be independent for a good part of its financial resourses.

E1c - Details of human resources
The presence of the Consortium In Concert is very important for the economy of the territory, since it employs nearly 1,300 people of which 215 are disadvantaged and the type A cooperatives involved in their care process and rehabilitation more than 1000 users.

E1d - Details of technology
In its industrial field they use many technological tools for the assembly and pre-assembly of the equipment.

E1e - Details of financial investment for start-up/early stage
None to date

E1f - Details of external support
None to date

E2 - If public funding were withdrawn, could the GP continue to exist?
The public fundings are important for all social enterprises but the enterpreneurial approach of the GP gives to it the opportunity to reach itselself the financial resourses. So even if the public funding were withdraw the GP continue to exist maybe with some initial difficult of liquidity. It should be stressed that with the "Solidarity Fund Consortium", instrument of internal financial aid to cooperatives, the consortium tries to cover some financial needs to safeguard employment in moments of crisis business.

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