Springtime '85


C1 Is the governance of this GP fully inclusive?
Beneficiaries have a little involvement in governance
Comments and learning points
The GP has chosen to use, among others,:

  • associated beneficiaries: they are neither employees nor volunteers but the families and the users who benefit from some of the cooperative activities undertaken;
  • associated volunteers: they contribute to the development of the intervention sectors.

C2 How influential has this GP been on local or national decision makers?
Not known
Comments and learning points

C3 How much partnership work has been involved?
A great deal of cross sectoral partnership working
Comments and learning points
The recognized strengths of the cooperative is the wide local network that sponsors and supports all the initiatives carried out. together with the constant attention to the quality of the services provided (in 2006 it obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000) and the attention to the continuous training of its workers, it enables a great corss sectoral partnership works.

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