Springtime '85


D1 Please describe how the GP communicated its experience and success to the public
Primavera '85 doesn't promote its activity in the conventional way. It collaborate with Local Health Units, with municipalities and with public schools with innovative approaches of individual rehabilitation so it expands its contacts on the territory manily thanks to the goodness of its activity. Recently, the cooperative starts to take part in several events organized within European project and used this chace to maximaze its publicity.

D2 Please describe how the GP communicated with local or national decision makers?
Primavera '85 is in contact with the main local administrations and decision makers trough the activity of the Territorial Educational Groups and its network.

D3 Are there any elements of this project that you think would transfer particularly well to other contexts?
The innovative kind of rehabilitation and the individual projects of education are the most important caracteristics of the GP's activity. Their new social approach and the concrete services that they give to the families of disadvanteg people are very iportant for the society and they have good economic implications. Moreover, the innovative idea of matching the traditional manufactoring vocation of the territory with the needs of job rehabilitation and training for disadvantage people to make great jewellery is a key element that can be export in very country across europe.

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