The Cricket/il Grillo


F1 - Who set up the GP? Partnership (please give details)
Il Grillo was founded by a group of young people who were part of a cultural association addressing environmental topics and by other members of an association which aimed at raising the awareness of the territory about mental health problems. Then this partnership make il Grillo became the most know type B social cooperatives in the province of Venice.

F2 - Who runs the GP?
Not-for-profit organisation

F3 - Short description/comments
The cooperative is also well internazionalized; in fact it already works with Arge, an Austrian company working in the field of waste recycling. Il Grillo is pretty interested in getting to know other foreign companies dealing with the two main themes in which Il Grillo works – the environmental issue with particular reference to recycling and work integration of those who are affected by psychiatric problems – in order to understand how to address these issues in a foreign framework.

F4 - Contact
Gianluca Gioppato
Il Grillo
Castellana 117/B 30174 Zelarino (VE)
Telephone 041 5460148
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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