Touched Collection


E1a - Total annual income of GP 2011/12
in 2011: 16300 euro and in 2012: 17441euro.

E1b - How is this made up?

E1c - Details of human resources
in 2012: 5 employees out of which 2 mothers and other 12 mothers involved in production and distribution, 10 volunteers involved in distribution and 10 in manufacturing.

E1d - Details of technology

E1e - Details of financial investment for start-up/early stage
We order the materials from the SUA and other European countries, the design is supported by artists and students, volunteers. . Touched Romania the "mother" oranization supported from the beginning( with personnel and financial) the activitities of the social enterprise. Now, the organizations promote and support each other. The production is insurred by the mothers at risk, involved in the project. We promote the jewels online and of line, one on one, at fairs and exhibitions.

E1f - Details of external support
NESsT este partenerul nostru strategic. In urma castigarii Competitiei, am dezvoltat o relatie suport. NESsT reprezinta si o resursa substantiala: financiar, informational, de crestere si dezvoltare.

E2 - If public funding were withdrawn, could the GP continue to exist?
We were never supported by public funding.

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