Cooperative Sierra de las Nieves- Aloreña Group


E1a - Total annual income of GP 2011/12
No cost specified.

E1b - How is this made up?
100% of funds coming from the cooperative activity.

E1c - Details of human resources
25 industrial workers, 5 managers. (this is the staff in the first level cooperatives; for the 2nd level one, there are no employees yet)

E1d - Details of technology

E1e - Details of financial investment for start-up/early stage
There was no needto count on extra funds to start up the second level cooperative; the union of industrial and commercial synergies was enough.

E1f - Details of external support
CADE Guaro (Andalucía Emprende, Fundación Pública Andaluza), which provided with free business asessment.

E2 - If public funding were withdrawn, could the GP continue to exist?

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