Parklife Community Interest Company


C1 - Is the governance of this GP fully inclusive?
Beneficiaries are somewhat involved in governance
Comments and learning points
Parklife is governed by 3 voluntary directors. Parklife also has a sub-committee formed of members of Friends of St James Park (FoSJP), who are consulted on any significant changes. FoSJP members come from all walks of life within the local community.

C2 - How influential has this GP been on local or national decision makers? (Have you had and influence on decision makers locally?)
Reasonable degree of influence achieved
Comments and learning points
Parklife has influenced local councillors over issues such as litter in St James Park. Parklife also has a direct link to the local police station and Parklife board member chairs community partnership meetings, which discuss issues such as anti-social behaviour.

C3 - How much partnership work has been involved?
A great deal of cross sectoral partnership working
Comments and learning points
Through local businesses, council and community partnership meetings, as well as with local voluntary groups.

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