Parklife Community Interest Company


E1a - Total annual income of GP 2011/12
As started trading in July 11, provisional accounts for 2012/13 show annual income of £124,250

E1b - How is this made up?
Sales - £92,365, VAT refund - £7,214, Grants - £24,645, Bank interest - £26

E1c - Details of human resources
15 paid employees over last year (not all at the same time) - including one manager, one supervisor, café assistants on rota basis. Several volunteers. 3 voluntary directors, plus 2 advisors who sit on the Board, who advise on publicity/marketing and administration.

E1d - Details of technology
£6k grant to fit out kitchen from DP World. £3k invested in IT equipment.

E1e - Details of financial investment for start-up/early stage
All start up costs were grant funded, the vast majority form the Heritage Lottery Fund, which FoSJP received for original park improvement project (£1.5m for total project).

E1f - Details of external support

E2 - If public funding were withdrawn, could the GP continue to exist?
Not currently, but funding is due to be withdrawn in April 2014. Parklife has a target to increase sales by 30% by Sept 2014.

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