Trojan Mailing Ltd


D1 - Please describe how the GP communicated its experience and success to the public (how you disseminate your impact)
Craig Brown attends a large number of networking meetings, where he is able to promote the work of Trojan Mailing and do an 'elevator pitch'. These are attended a by a wide range of private and public sector colleagues. Craig always encourages clients and other stakeholders to visit Trojan Mailing in person, so they can meet the trainees and see the impact the organisation is having on the lives of the trainees.

D2 - Please describe how the GP communicated with local or national decision makers?
See above - through networking meetings, etc.

D3 - Are there any elements of this project that you think would transfer particularly well to other contexts?
The model would well in other contexts and countries. The company is as autonomous as possible, and is not reliant on one person being the figure head.

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