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Association “Society for Social Assistance”, Dryanovo
Association “Society for Social Assistance”, Dryanovo
Contact: Mariya Markova
Address: 34A ulitsa "Matey Preobrazhenski", Dryanovo, 5370, Gabrovo
Phone: +359 976212710
Fax: +359 67674158

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Association "Society for Social Assistance" is a local non-governmental organization established in September 1996 on the initiative of Associate Professor Eugenia Spasova - the then Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.The founders of the organization are 22 people - pensioners, unemployed people, people with disabilities and lone parents - members of the “Club of pensioner”, Union of Disabled People, the Democratic Women's Union and the Municipality of Dryanovo. It is registered under the Act for persons and families of 17.02.1997 year, and in 2001 was registered under the Act for non-profit purposes. As an organization working for the public benefit, was registered in the Central Register of the Ministry of Justice of 16.04.2003 year.By 2001 the organization works primarily for humanitarian programs, collect and provide aid, organize soup kitchens, develops club activities by interests, works to build professional working teams and recruiting volunteers. 2001 marked the beginning of organized economic and social activity. On 5.07.2001 was launched the "Bureau of Social Services," which is a result of the implemented project, funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and Foundation for Local Government Reform. 2002 Association for Social Assistance Program is included in the "Community Fund and Social Enterprise” program, funded by Counterpart International USAID, which for four years provided the team of the Association free training and consultation in the development of programs and projects, expansion of the of NGO services and launch of creating a social enterprise. In 2003 with the financial support of the "Social Assistance", program of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policyhas launched a social enterprise "Civic Center complex social services". Inits structuresfunction:

-          Bureau ofSocial Services.

-          Home assistant.

-          Center forSocial Rehabilitation and Integration.

-          Day center forolderpeople.

-          Sheltered home for adults with physical disabilities in Dryanovo.

-          Sheltered home for adults with physical disabilities in Gostilitsa village.

Work in the network of NPOs:

-          Association for Social Assistance – Drianovo is included in the European network of NGOs working with and for older people from Southeast Europe / SEEN / to Help Age International.

-          Member of the National Network of NGOs working with the elderly.

-          Member of the Association of Social Enterprises in Bulgaria.

Participant in the group of NGOs in the country under the project "Promoting social inclusion of older people through public debate at national and local level.