Study Visit in Attica – 12-13th November 2013

The study visit in Greece took place on 12-13th of November 2013 in the organisation of Attica Region. The first day was spent in the central building of the hosting partner where 4 Good Practices were introduced for the partnership.

The "MESO" Social Economy Practice
It was presented by Mr. Marios Chatzidamianos, Social Cooperative Entrepreneurs Trainer and Counsellor for the Implementation of EU funded Action Plans for Human Resources. Main purpose of the MESO is to provide educational opportunities, improve participation in local decision making and enable cross sectoral working. In 13 years of existence, European Music Day became a tool for the local and regional authorities to implement strategies on the development of social entrepreneurship, and for people and organizations involved in the project to understand and develop strategies dealing with new data in professional and social reality.

"Green Bridge" Social Economy project
The Green Bridge project was introduced by the project expert, Annika Drandaki who highlighted that the overall objective of the project is to activate local stakeholders of the Municipalities of Peristeri, Dionysos and Kifissia, in order to ensure the creation of new jobs for unemployed people from vulnerable groups in the fields of production, processing and promotion of agricultural and floricultural products through the creation of private and social enterprises.

Presentation of the "EKATI" Social Partnership
Mr. Stefanos Tsolakides presented the social partnership which is activating in the Municipality of Athens and more widely in the Region of Attica Athens. According to European Legislation, Municipalities are obliged by 2014 to take measures for the care of stray animals in their area. Based on the current situation arising from the legislation and the poor operational resources of the Municipalities, EKATI submitted a proposal to the Municipality of Athens. The proposal has been accepted in terms of concept and main activity and EKATI already operates a facility providing care to stray animals in the town of Megara.

"Social Economy Network"
The good practice was presented by Matina Kanaki, Mentor of Social Enterprises within the EKATI Social Partnership. The initiative is an informal network, which was created by Social Cooperative Enterprises (Koin.S.Ep.), organized by the initiative of the online information portal and the "EKATI Social Partnership". It is intending to promote constructive dialogue on issues affecting sectors of Social Economy.

The second day of the Study Visit was the on-site visit of the MESSE Delegation to 3 Social Economy related organizations:

"Theotokos" Foundation
Theotokos Foundation is a welfare, non-profit, non-governmental organization, established in 1954 and supervised by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity. The Foundation offers services to children and young people with intellectual disability and other developmental disorders and to their families. The mission of the Foundation is the education and training of children and young people aged 2½ -32, with the aim of facilitating their full participation in society.

"Organization Earth"
"Organization Earth" is a Greek not-for-profit NGO set up to provide answers to modern social concerns about society and the environment. The organization's first seed was 'planted' at the end of 2008. The strategic aim was to develop new environmental infrastructure in Attica, which has been in use since the autumn of 2011. The aim is to disseminate Environmental Social Intelligence (ESI), in other words to inform, educate and raise awareness in society about modern problems facing the environment and the ways that people can contribute to safeguarding the environment.

"KLIMAX plus" Social Cooperative
The Social Cooperative "KLIMAX plus" is a private entity that works under the supervision of the Directorate of Mental Health, Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity. "KLIMAX plus" has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity. The purpose of the Association is to develop business in the field of social economy, with the aim of improving the quality of life and socio-economic rehabilitation of persons with mental health problems, who are experiencing work exclusion.

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The MESSE study visit video in Greece