Coop Service


A1 - Title in original language

A2 - Title in English
Coop service

A3 - Location of GP (national)

A4 - Location of GP (regional)
Östergötland /East Sweden

A5 - Economic field of activity
Q Human health and social work activities

A6 - Ultimate purpose of GP
To practically facilitate or enable social enterpreneurship
To improve social cohesion/inclusion
To create or conserve employment

A7 - Spatial scale
Regional (large scale)

A8a - Start date

A8b - Anticipated end date (if applicable)

A9 - Short description of the GP
Kooptjänst assist in the launch of new social workers cooperatives and allows them to operate as part of the cooperative. As company the solve the common issues of administration, finance, human resoursces, education and professional development of the included cooperatives. If demanded Kooptjänst also manage real estate and property, cooperate on procurement and coordinate purchasing and marketing.

A10 - Key words relating to the GP

A11 - Objectives of the GP
Promote the economic interests of all cooperatives included and create good conditions for sustainable businessses that can grow and develop.

A12 - Activities that have taken place

A13 - Achievements of the GP Since start up ?
cooperatives have evolved with approximatly 35 emploees dec 2012

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