Project network and/or umbrella organizations (organizations supporting Social Enterprises, at national and regional level)... in Italy

AGCI - Associazione Generale Cooperative Italiane is a free and independent nonprofit organization. Its institutional purpose is to represent, support, give protection and supervision to the cooperative movement.

Confcooperative is acknowledged as a primary national association representing, assisting, protecting and auditing the cooperative movement. Over the years Confcooperative has implemented a policy sensitive to the needs and changes of the social, civil and economic world. This has permitted constant increase in membership, so that today the Confederation is the largest part of the Italian cooperative movement.

Confcooperative Unione Regionale del Veneto is the regional branch of Confcooperative in Veneto region.

Federsolidarietà is the national federation of social cooperatives belonging to Confcooperative.

Legacoop is a national representative association of cooperative enterprises, which are active in all regions of Italy and in all sectors. Legacoop develops services and projects to give birth and nurture cooperative enterprises and promotes the culture of cooperation and to establish the distinctive values and arguing with their action representing the economic, social and civil life and the ability to meet the needs of people who characterizes cooperative enterprises.

Legacoop Veneto is the territorial branch of "Legacoop". It promotes the development of cooperation and mutual aid, solidarity and economic relations of the member cooperatives, and the dissemination of the principles and values of the cooperative, including through studies, research and training.

UNCI - National Union of Italian Cooperatives - was born in 1971. It promotes and represents associated cooperatives operating in all sectors of activity.

CGM is the biggest network enterprise of social cooperatives in Italy. Its aim is to promote communities' wellbeing trough the development of social cooperatives providing social services and work integration. Its mission is to be the expert system of social entrepreneurship, conducting social cooperatives towards the authentic social enterprise and helping social enterprises to networking in order to help citizens and their communities to reach development and social cohesion objectives.

DROM is a national consortium of social cooperatives. Drom promotes and supports territorial consortia and member cooperatives fostering collaboration at national and European level, with a particular attention to the problems of vulnerable categories. It operates in synergy with Legacoopsociali, the federation representing social cooperatives associated to Legacoop.

Forum del Terzo Settore represents more than 100 organisations of second and third level active in Italy in the following areas: voluntary sector, associations, international cooperation, social cooperatives, fair trade and ethical finance.