A1 - Title in original language

A2 - Title in English

A3 - Location of GP (national)

A4 - Location of GP (regional)

A5 - Economic field of activity
Q Human health and social work activities

A6 - Ultimate purpose of GP
To enable adaptation to new realities
To improve social cohesion/inclusion
To provide educational opportunities

A7 - Spatial scale

A8a - Start date
November 1992

A8b - Anticipated end date (if applicable)

A9 - Short description of the GP
The Cooperative Azalea is a "type A" social cooperative that manages health, social and educational services and inclusion of disadvantaged people and operates in various activities of prevention, education, rehabilitation and personal care both at home and in day and residential structures. The cooperative is structured in product areas (developmental age, multi-culture, disability, mental health, health related to elderly people, "nel cuore dell'ospitalità" (in the heart of hospitality)) and process areas (administrative, human resource management and development & communication).

A10 - Key words relating to the GP
Developmental Age
Mental Health
Health and elderly people area

A11 - Objectives of the GP
A strong point which has stimulated the development of the cooperative have been the advanced relational skills and the professional skills of its members. Despite operating in a very complex political/institutional context, the cooperative has been able to communicate and interact with the various politicians over the years thanks to the quality of services offered. The cooperative representatives have discussed with them about the development of services basing on personal trust relationships outside of the logics of other kind
Another strength of the cooperative is the mode of involvement of the associated operators even at a lower level through periodic meetings and working groups, where problems are discussed and solutions found to the various needs expressed by the context in which the cooperative operates.

A12 - Activities that have taken place
The cooperative catalogued the services offered in 82 different types. The most important and significant projects are:

  1. Autism (working groups between cooperatives and private social organizations that deal with autism to talk, discuss and solve common problems related to this pathology);
  2. SAD (home care services);
  3. Klinicos Project, "territorial service of prevention and care" (it's a service created to promote and spread the culture of health and prevention in a "holistic" view of well-being of all the people of the territory);
  4. Nel cuore dell'ospitalità Project (Creating Hospitality) (It's a hotel reception and food service project directed to various kinds of customers -tourists, citizens, traders, professionals ..- in which 38 beds are for psychiatric patients -25 in the Grancan Hotel and 13 at the Le Salette Inn. It 's an experimental, born from considering the hotel as a rehabilitation instrument);
  5. Azalea Home Project (It's a project in which a laboratory has been created with the aim of producing household items -pillows with fine wools, or lamps covered with buttons or other- under the supervision of an architect. Each item produced is unique)

A13 - Achievements of the GP
The GP, with the innovative projects described above, has an unique approach on the welafare services and this allow to the Azalea Cooperative to work primarily with the Local Health and Social-care Unit (ULSS) n. 20 for most services. This ULSS has been recently awarded the Ministry of the Social Policies thanks to the way in which the Azalea cooperative has managed the mediation services in the ULSS.

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