Good Practice

Partner 1

Italy/ Venice GPs presented

  1. Rio Terà dei Pensieri
  2. The Cricket/il Grillo
  3. Springtime '85
  4. Consortium In Concert
  5. Polis Group
  6. Agency for the sustainability of social enterprises
  7. Azalea

Partner 2


  1. Green Bridge
  2. Meso

Partner 3


  1. Crowdfunding and social integration
  2. Reference Hospital "La Equina"
  3. Cooperative Sierra de las Nieves- Aloreña Group
  4. School of Social Economy
  5. Summer camps: networking in social enterprises
  6. "Community-shared responsibility to promote disadvantaged people's inclusion path's"-CO.RE
  7. Cooperation agreement to expand markets
  8. Acquasport_Creation of a cooperative for the management of public sport facilities
  9. Third agreement for the social economy in Andalusia

Partner 4


  1. Touched Collection
  2. Nazarcea Group

Partner 5


  1. Crisis pantry - cultivation and sale of herbs
  2. Training with e-learning methodology of the professionals who work in the field of employment rehabilitation (including the management of the social enterprises)
  3. TÁMOP-2.4.3/B/1-09/1 CoopeRation Project - professioanl services of Network of Hungarian Employment Non-profit Ltd. (OFA) for long-term sustainability of social cooperatives
  4. Into the work processes built training and employment with involvement of disadvantaged peoples (Open gates and Handrail programs financed by EU)
  5. Way out Program: Social Self Employment and Microcredit Program in Hungary
  6. Step into the market through theraphy work with addicts in Sociotheraphy Institute of Zala County (ceramics production)

Partner 6

Bulgaria/ Sofia

  1. From cooperation to corporation - "Rayna Knyaginya - P" ltd. Guarantee for sustainable employment of people with disabilities.
  2. HOPe Soap

Partner 7


  1. Coop Service

Partner 8

Germany/ Hannover

  1. Fair trade Department Store - Social Cooperation
  2. Support point for Employment at Hölderlinstreet

Partner 9

England/ Winchester

  1. The Community Matters Partnership (CMP)
  2. Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs (HSSE)
  3. Parklife Community Interest Company
  4. SCA Group
  5. Seen2help
  6. SoCo Music Project
  7. Trojan Mailing Ltd
  8. Women's Wisdom