Funding for social economy and social enterprises... in Bulgaria

Fund for specialised companies of disabled people
The Fund is part of the structure of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and is sole legal person with own budget. The Fund is financed by a special annual subsidy by the state budget limited to the amount of 0,1% by the gross domestic product, income from events for people with disabilities, fines, interest rates in existing capita. The activities that may be financed by the fund are also limited; among them there are: Subsidies for specialized enterprises or cooperatives of disabled people. Specialized enterprises are the trade companies or cooperatives which guarantee special labour conditions and a certain proportion between disabled people and healthy people as employees.

Community Fund - Stara Zagora, as an organization of the community of Stara Zagora stimulate and support the financial and organizational citizen initiatives to meet current social needs by promoting philanthropy and pooling the efforts of civil society organizations, local authorities, institutions and the business community in the municipality Stara Zagora.