Study Visit in Bucharest – 19th March 2013

As afternoon session of the Steering Committee meeting, the 3rd study visit was organised by the Romanian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection in Bucharest, Romania. 2 Romanian Good Practices were visited by the partnership: Nazarcea Group and Touched Romania.

The Nazarcea Group was established in 2011 by reorganizing Multifunction Center Nazarcea as active as protection, integration and social inclusion of persons with disabilities as provided for in the National Strategy on special protection and social integration of disabled people in Romania. Its beneficiaries are adults with disabilities due to physical, sensory and intellectual (certificate of admission to type and degree of disability) or due to health conditions (mental illness and neuropsychological - proven by medical document proving) and seeking a job. The participants of the study visits could see the bakery, sewing workshop, laundry shop, car wash, candle and pottery workshop.
Touched Romania is a non-governmental organization established in 2005, working to prevent child abandonment and offering emotional, material and educational support to at risk mothers and their children.
Touched Romania consists of three main social projects:

  • Hagar Home maternal center home—a residential shelter for mothers and their children, with a social reintegration program
  • Volunteer program—community outreach with at risk children (ill and/or abandoned) in several hospitals and institutions in Bucharest, as well as, at the maternal centre home.
  • Foster care program—offering emotional, financial and educational support for abandoned children in loving and responsible foster care families.

The partnership had the opportunity to admire the products of the "Touched Collection Jewellery" Program. The project believes in that jewellery making is a way to increase the self-esteem and a means to empower marginalized women and through offering them new skills and ways to earn income to help support themselves and their families. Their goal is to increase the involvement of the local community in helping to support mothers succeed in reintegrating back into society.

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