Arbeitgemeinschaft (AG) Resohelp des Diakonischen Werks, Stadtverband Hannover e.V.


Would this programme work well in another European context?
The programm might be well suited to be transferred to another European context.

Communication of experience and success to the public
There is regular reporting done at the general meetings of all members. Yearly reports as well as other information and communication material are published on the website of the managing partner, the Diakonisches Werk – Local Committee Hannover e. V.:

Communication with local/national decision makers
Communication with local decision makers takes place at both formal and informal level, e.g. at the general meetings, or within other partner networks.

Elements that would transfer particularly well to other contexts
Creating a working partnership to ensure the long-term success proves a particularly good idea to be tested for transfer to other contexts.

Similar good practice

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