Consortium In Concert


C1 - Is the governance of this GP fully inclusive?
Beneficiaries are highly involved in governance
Comments and learning points
The Consortium In Concerto employs many people respecting its philosophy of rehabilitation towards work inclusion.

C2 - How influential has this GP been on local or national decision makers?
Reasonable degree of influence achieved
Comments and learning points
The cooperatives worked in collaboration with the Public Administration, with which an agreement was reached in a way that rehabilitation was the responsibility of the State and the work would have been obtained comparing the market.

C3 - How much partnership work has been involved?
A great deal of cross sectoral partnership working
Comments and learning points
The structure of the Consortium and the several activities that it proposes shall ensure that the partnership work is very involved. The consortium was created to bind the cooperatives that have long worked together, starting to build a network of solidarity and services internal and external to the local community

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