Polis Group


F1 - Who set up the GP?
Not-for-profit organisation

F2 - Who runs the GP?
Partnership (please give details)
The group is composed of 3 "type A" social cooperatives and of 2 "type B" social cooperatives: Polis Nova, Il Portico, PNL, Gruppo R, Sinfonia.

F3 - Short description/comments
Polis NOVA owns some day care centers for people with mental illnesses and intellectual disabilities. In 1998 from "Polis NOVA" a new cooperative is born: PNL (Polis NOVA Lavoro), a "type B" cooperative, which deals mainly with job training and job placement in the industrial assembly sector for third parties. The Portico is a "type A" cooperative that was created with the intent of managing in a network the first residential structures for hosting the users. PNL is a "type B" cooperative which has been operating since 1998 in the area of local business services, managing outsourcing contracts at different levels of specialization. Gruppo R is a "type A" social cooperative that since 2001 provides services of residential care (protected, too) and social integration as well as paths of work tutoring to people affected by various forms of social disadvantages: homeless, people living in poverty or marginality, women victims of violence and prostitution trades. Sinfonia is a "type B" social cooperative, which was founded in 2003 to manage the corporate image of the Group and the cooperatives that constitute it.

F4 - Contact 
Roberto Baldo
Due Palazzi 16, 35136 Padova
Telephone 049 8900506
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