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The Group has built over the years a strong network of relationships in the territory which undeniably has facilitated its success. Gruppo Polis is associated with two consortia in the territory:

  • Consorzio Veneto Insieme, an association of social cooperatives that promotes a network of cooperatives at provincial level.
  • Consorzio Tre Venezie, a strategic partnership with the objective to compete in regional calls.

The group is then entered Confcooperative Veneto, a body which ensures its political and institutional protection. In addition to the official relationships, there are also strong contacts with the Local Health Authorities (ULSSs) and the local public authorities, the Municipality of Padua among all. Gruppo R is included in specific networks for the type of disadvantage it addresses: the Fio.psd - Italian Federation of Organisations Working for the Homeless, at national level and Agorà – Agency of the Associated Organizations for Homeless, which the cooperative itself promoted at city level.


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