C1 - Is the governance of this GP fully inclusive?
Beneficiaries are highly involved in governance
Comments and learning points
The 3rd Agreement on Social Economy is a political paper signed and agreed for all the stakeholders involved, as the Regional Minister of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of Andalusia, the Confederation of Entities for the Social Economy of Andalusia CEPES (the most representative body about the social economy in Andalusia), and the most important trade unions of the region (Comisiones Obreras CCOO (Workers Commissions) and Unión General de Trabajadores UGT (General Workers Union)).
For this reason this document could be considered as a participative good practice, because all the signed stakeholders have had the commitment to promote the economic, social and labour development of Andalusia. They have boosted values on participation, democracy, sustainability and gender equality through the promotion of an integrated social economy that generates enterprises and quality jobs, innovative, competitive and enterprising, committed to local and rural development and social cohesion.

C2 - How influential has this GP been on local or national decision makers?
High degree of influence achieved
Comments and learning points
Bearing in mind that the Regional Government of Andalusia signed this 3rd Agreement, the andalusian regional public administration itself assumes as a priority the implementation of public policies addressed to the achievement of the objectives and actions established in the signed document.

C3 - How much partnership work has been involved?
A great deal of cross sectoral partnership working
Comments and learning points
Previous to the signature of the third Agreement, and as in other ones, it was realized a consensus phase. In this sense, a technical team was created, and it met regularly, with two objectives: To be responsible for collecting the proposals of the different parties, and to develop the appropriate discussion paper until the agreement was reached.
After the signature, it has been established an operational protocol of the General Commission of the Development, Monitoring and Evaluation of the 3rd Agreement. This protocol foresees 3 meetings per year to make decisions on its implementation, financing, monitoring, evaluation and dissemination.

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